Birds & Beyond, Inc. has a variety of Bird Baths and Fountains.  

The baths are made out of concrete, resin, metal, copper, etc.  They can be used indoor and/or outdoor.  They can be placed on pedestals, chains, or decks.

We have indoor/outdoor recirculating fountains, big and small.  We also carry fountain and pond pumps.

Bird Baths & Accessories

Heated Bird Baths - We have a nice selection of heated bird baths.  They come either standing, pole-mounted, hanging, screw-mount and clamp-mount for decks.

Heaters - We carry several types of heaters for different needs.  These heaters will keep your bath thawed during extensive below-freezing periods.  They will provide much needed water to birds during the cold winters.

A source of water in the winter can attract many birds.

Drippers, Misters - We also have Drippers and Misters.  A source of dripping or misting water is highly attractive to the birds and can keep your bath water fresh.

Listed below are just a few of the Baths/Fountains that Birds and Beyond Inc. has available:
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19 x 28.5

104 lbs.

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Collegeville, PA 19426

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